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3INA was born with a view to disrupt. Responding to a generation who approached makeup in a fresh, fearless and democratic way, is a brand that is playful, built on confident aesthetics, and with a commitment to delivering premium products at an affordable price.

3INA is more than just makeup, it’s about creating a movement that is positive and inclusive, that delivers products fast and efficiently inspiring a sense of fun. 3INA is about inspiring people to think beyond the one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. It isn’t about an airbrushed myth of perfection, it’s real.

By breaking with traditional, celebrating individuality, diversity and encouraging self-expression through makeup, the movement is global and borderless; all the colors.

Always simple, always fun and always on-trend, 3INA products are also guilt-free. Each one is responsibly and ethically sourced, vegan wherever possible, cruelty and paraben-free and packaged sustainably using recyclable materials.

Oh, and it’s pronounced Mee-Nah.